Blog: So what was in the briefcase after all?

In Pulp Fiction, Julius and Vincent are hired to bring a briefcase back to their boss, Marsellus Wallace. We are never shown what is inside that briefcase, nor are we ever given any glimpses inside the briefcase. All we know is that an orange glow emits whenever the briefcase is opened, it's worth killing over and, in the words of Pumpkin, "It's beautiful".

"I know something you don't"

Quentin Tarantino was originally going to have diamonds be the contents of the briefcase, but took it out as he felt it was too mundane. The only answer we've gotten is that "it's whatever the user wants it to be", so here's a few of my suggestions as to what the mysterious contents actually were.

Golden Idol

As seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the idol was seen in the opening sequence. The idol is of the ancient Chachapoyan goddess of fertility, so perhaps Marsellus wants it in order to help him get Mia pregnant. Or he's a fan of items like this.

I know the obvious Raiders reference would be the Ark of the Covenant, but how would that fit inside the briefcase?

Probability: 4/10

The Tesseract

Better known as The Cosmic Cube to the comic book fans, this item has been seen in the closing credits of Thor and within Captain America: The First Avenger, and looks to be making a return in next year's blockbuster The Avengers. It's an object which Johann Schmidt sought out in order to defy the Nazis and power various machines, which begun his own plans to take over the world, so it does have some considerable power. Plus, if this is the briefcase's contents, then there's a chance Julius did walk the Earth, only to eventually get picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D and become Nick Fury.

It is an item worth killing over by those who know of the item's true power. An obscure item that's unlikely to be known by everyday people like Pumpkin and Vincent

Probability: 5/10

Colonel Sander's Secret Recipe

One of the most wondered secrets in life, the secretive recipe that is responsible for making KFC taste so delicious. Beautiful? Probably. Worth killing over? Maybe for Marsellus it is. And no, this isn't in here because of a certain stereotype.

Probability: 7/10

The Necronomicon

The book of the dead, a book bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. Would this really be considered beautiful? Perhaps in a perverse way. It certainly would elicit a stare, and perhaps Marsellus is into far darker stuff than we knew of. We never did see what he did to Wayland, the guy who raped him.

Probability: 4/10

Alone in the Dark Blu-Ray

Why are we even entertaining this possibility?

Probability: -10/10

Nude picture of Scarlett Johansson

Oh yeah, definitely worth killing over, and it fits in with Pumpkin's line.

Probability: 9/10

Charlie Chaplin's Mustache

Perhaps Marsellus is a fan? I'll admit it, i'm just out of ideas now

Probability: 0/10

Those are some of my ideas, what is yours? What do you think was in the briefcase? Draw up your own conclusions in the comments below.


Starchild from 2001.
Nick Lyons said…
Hahahahahaha, funny blog feature. I've always thought the briefcase was full of pure gold. But unfortunately, this is the lamest guess due to its high probability and easiness.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha, that's a funny one. I really didn't care much about what was in the briefcase even though this is one of my all time favorite movies.
James Rodrigues said…
@OMFGITSROHIT It's probable

@Nick L. yeah I never thought it could be something that easy I didn't care much, but it's such a talking point in fandom that I entertained a few possibilities