Trailer: Men In Black III

Men in Black III involves a villain using time travel to go to the 60's in order to kill Agent Kay, which in turn triggers a series of events which'll end with the destruction of Earth. This leaves it up to Jay to go back in time and partner up with 60's Kay, played by Josh Brolin.

While this trailer isn't going to get to put the film on my upcoming 20 Most Anticipated films of 2012 list anytime soon (watch this space), it does get me a bit more excited for the film than I was previous to viewing this trailer. Maybe it's the fact that i'm actually seeing footage of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agents Jay and Kay once more, but this trailer does get me more hopeful that it'll be an improvement upon the sucky second film. Plus, it is intriguing to wonder what more there is after the secrets of the universe, and Josh Brolin was pretty much the only good thing about Jonah Hex, so I expect great things from him.

But does it look as good as i'm making it out to be? Watch the trailer below, and sound off in the comments afterwards.

Men in Black III is released on May 25th 2012


Chad Hill said…
Good analysis. I'm hopeful about the movie, but like you I'm not terribly excited to see it. It's good to see that Will Smith hasn't lost the humor he had in the past after taking more serious roles. I also LMAO when I saw Brolin as young Kay, there was just something incredibly funny about how much he fit the appearance and voice of Tommy Lee Jones.
Myerla said…
I liked the first one, it was enjoyable, second one not so much but when I was not more critical I liked it. Not got great expections for this. Josh Brolin is a fine actor, good in True Grit.