Trailer: Wrath of the Titans

A decade after defeating the Kraken, Perseus is trying to live a quiet life as a fisherman while being the sole parent to his 10 year old son. Meanwhile, the gods are losing control of their imprisoned Titan, and their leader, Kronos, father of Hades, Posiedon and Zeus. Ares, son of Zeus, makes a deal with Kronos, siphoning Zeus' powers and unleashing hell on earth. So now Perseus, with Queen Andromeda and others, must venture into the underworld to defeat the Titans.

The action doesn't dazzle much, and the trailer could've done without the Marilyn Manson track playing. It does look like they're going to try and remain true to the mythology this time around by actually getting Queen Andromeda and Perseus together, that is unless Gemma Arterton's character is to make an unexpected reappearance and has also dyed her hair blonde also.

The trailer does make it look like the film will be quite the adventure, going to more locations and dealing with more enemies than the first did, but I am going to remain cautious about this one, as the trailer for 2009's Clash of the Titans made the film look good, and the actual film ended up to be rubbish. I still stand by this being my 9th least anticipated film for next year, though.

But what do you think? Watch the trailer provided below, and be sure to comment with your thoughts about it afterwards

Wrath of the Titans is released on March 30th 2012