Blog: How could Breaking Bad go about it's final season?

A few days after entering the new year, I finally managed to finish watching all of the currently aired episodes of Breaking Bad, and I do agree that it one of the best drama's on TV at the moment. Of course, with the show renewed for 16 final episodes, you do have to wonder what direction they'll take to close out the show. I have an idea.

*Warning: Contains spoilers for the first four seasons of the show. The rest is just speculation*

When Vince Gilligan began to create Breaking Bad, he based the show upon one idea he had: a show where the Protagonist ends up became the Antagonist.

Walt has definitely changed since the pilot episode, he has become less of a sympathetic character, now willing to shoot a man in cold blood and poison a child, which contrasts with his season one self, where he broke down in tears after having to kill a drug dealer before the drug dealer could kill him. But through it all, he hasn't become the antagonist. Yet.

Walter white breaking bad.jpg
Albuquerque's answer to Scarface?
With Gus now gone (like he could walk from an explosion with the only loss being half his face) and the cartel all slaughtered by the aforementioned Mister Fring, a big opening is left within the drug distribution process, an opening which Mister White could possibly fill and reign over. Walter as head honcho drug dealer means he will have to make difficult decisions, and he can't send Jesse to deal with them all the time. So with Walt much less hesitant about murdering, him vacating Gus' previous role could lead him to becoming more and more brutal, perhaps doling out violent moments likened to Gus cutting open Victor's throat.

This isn't to say that Walt will fully transition into becoming the hateable villain, like what happened with Clay in the latest series of Sons of Anarchy (another show worth watching, I should mention). Even if he ends up becoming the biggest drug distributor in New Mexico, it's not like he's going to end up putting a hit on Skyler, or he'll end up shooting Marie if she uncovers the truth (though it would give her something to do apart from be supportive of Hank).

And remember the test Walter took back in 'Hermanos'? We don't 100% know the actual test results. He could have lied to Walter Jr. about the test results saying the cancer was fine, it wouldn't be the first time he lied. For all we know, the cancer could have gotten worse, it could even be spreading perhaps. Perhaps that could be a driving factor which brings him back to the reason he entered the drug business, to make sure his family is provided for by the time he's gone.

But if Walt is to become the antagonist, we need a protagonist to root for through to the final episode, and who better than Jesse Pinkman? The character was originally supposed to die at the end of the first season, but since his first appearance, he has really proven his worth as a character, and has been given a great deal of development as he's been through drug recovery, fought against children being used in the drug business and the fact that he murdered innocent Gale. Through all of these storylines and more, Aaron Paul has proved a multiple amount of times that it's not just Bryan Cranston who can deliver a terrific performance on this show.

From wannabe wigger to tragic protaganist
Walt and Jesse have disagreed on many occasions, but Jesse still has yet to find out about Walt's part within Jane's death and Benicio's poisoning, and we all want to see the fallout from finding out these secrets. So by pitting the two on opposite sides, it will provide a great deal of friction between the ex-Chemistry teacher and his former student, but the question is: Do they go on opposing sides before Walt's truths are revealed, or will that be another layer to build onto their being on opposing sides?

And let us not forget of one variable factor: Mike. We last saw the badass cleaner recovering from gunshot wounds whilst Gus and Jesse made the trip back home, and we all know he won't be happy with how things ended up for his Gus, his employer. So it's possible he could try and get revenge on both Walt and Jesse, or perhaps he could alliance himself with Mister Pinkman and take down Walt together.

A pretty Tarantino-esque character

So that's my speculation regarding the final season of Breaking Bad. What are your thoughts?


Robert said…
Interesting thoughts. I did always kind of wonder about those test results. I can't help but think that Walt will continue to spiral out of control but that we'll see him redeem himself somehow before it's all over.
James Rodrigues said…
Well no matter what direction the show takes in it's final year, i'm placing my full trust in Vince Gilligan to make it a brilliant year.