Trailer: The Avengers (#2)

Following on from Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) gathers the characters from each of these films to defend Earth, fighting Loki and his (unknown) army.

If you've read my 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2012 blog post, you will know that The Avengers is the film I am most looking forward to within 2012. So the release of a brand, spanking new trailer is definitely something I was excited about.

Unlike the last trailer, here you really get to see the film's heroes act as a team, what with Cap shielding Black Widow from a blast, Thor offering a hand to help up the fallen Cap and, one of the best known shots from the trailer, Hulk catching a falling Iron Man. As the trailer draws on to it's end, we get a full 360 degree shot of The Avengers, extended from the Superbowl trailer to add the shot of a roaring Hulk.

One thing I noticed is a comment made by Tony Stark, how Nick Fury felt he doesn't play well with others. This harkens back to the first trailer for The Avengers, where Stark warns Cap about how he didn't "play well with others", and this makes me think the comment was less of Stark being a dick and more of him still being a bit angry at Fury.

While we do not have any much more of a clearer idea as to what army Loki is commanding, we do have one enemy as seen in the final scene of the trailer.

If you have seen the trailer, then you will know this is one hell of a beast following after Iron Man. Rumors say it's a creature from Thor comics known as the Midgard Serpent, with what appears to be a mechanical makeover. While it does somewhat resemble a Transformer, it is wonderful to know a little more about the film's villains, while still managing to not know much. It does seem to be in fashion to have many huge secrets within superhero films this year.

But what do you think? Has this new trailer gotten you even more excited for Marvel's most ambitious film, or are you not convinced? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Marvel's The Avengers is out worldwide on May 4th. For those living in the UK, Marvel's Avengers Assemble will be released on April 27th.


Alex Jowski said…
SOOO looking forward to this movie.
Ruth said…
NEED TO SEE!!! My friends and I are planning to see it in Gold Class (a couple of my mates are really excited about it - more so than me, ahaha)