Trailer: That's My Boy

Donny (Adam Sandler) visits the son (Andy Samberg) he fathered with his teacher back in high school, on the eve of his son's wedding, and begins feuding with the bride (Leighton Meester).

Back in November 2011, I posted a list of my 10 least anticipated films for 2012.That's My Boy (or as it was known back then, Donny's Boy) ranked at number 3, from just reading the film's synopsis. Now that the actual trailer has been released, I have found myself with an even greater hatred for Adam Sandler.

There's no denying that the man has been on a huge downhill slope for years, managing to have gone from great comedy films like The Wedding Singer and guilty pleasures like The Waterboy to lazier pieces of utter shite, such as Just Go With It, The Zookeeper and, of course, Jack and Jill. It does not look like he is going to change that slope anytime soon, or perhaps he doesn't want to change that.

Last year, I watched the trailer for Jack and Jill and one thought came to my mind: Adam Sandler needs to retire from cinema. That thought crept through my mind yet again through watching this video, over and over and over again.

This film claims to be a comedy, but the humor shown off in this trailer appears to only be swearing, bad jokes, awkward physical humor and bodily fluids, including vomit, semen and blood. Not faring much better than Sandlers last flick, so far.

That's My Boy will be released in cinemas June 15th. Please don't watch it, you'll just encourage studios to greenlight more Adam Sandler flicks.