BLOG: Similarities between The Dark Knight and Skyfall

Many reviewers have said that Skyfall owes a debt of gratitude to The Dark Knight for what it did, and as a such, Skyfall is the closest we'll have to getting a Christopher Nolan directed Bond film.

With this in mind, I did come to spot a number of similarities between the two films (other than they're both being utterly amazing).


The Hero

The hero is an orphan who lost their parents at an early age and were raised by a friend of their parents, with Bruce being raised by family butler Alfred and Bond being raised by Skyfall's gamekeeper, Kincaid.

Villainous Comparisons

Silva and Two-Face

Both feel betrayed. Harvey for the police and Batman not saving Rachel, and two of the officers being responsible for his and Rachel's capture. Silva feels betrayed by M due to his torture and imprisonment by the Chinese. Both also carry facial disfigurements which occurred due to their betrayal.

Silva and The Joker

Both dress in a police officer's uniform in order to infiltrate a public setting and assassinate a major figure, with Silva looking to off M and The Joker aiming to kill Mayor Garcia.

Commisioner Loeb and Jim Gordon/M and Gareth Mallory

Both Gordon and Mallory get promoted to a new position after the death of their predecessor, who both die at the hands of the main villain.

"The villain is captured?" "All part of the plan"

At one point, both Silva and Joker get captured by the heroes in spectacular fashion. This, however, is all part of the villain's grander plan, who manages to make his escape. But not before a great scene between them and their adversary.

Hero's base

The hero is moved into an underground base for the film, after their previous base was destroyed by an enemy.

Did you notice any more similarities between the two? Feel free to comment below


BMR said…
Both heroes used bullet ballistics to find their enemy.
Unknown said…
don't forget about china,they both went to china ... and another thing just compare the way FOX helps batman with the way Q helped bond ( they both used computer and big screen)