Django Unchained, Goon & Parental Guidance (2012)

In Django Unchained, a slave is freed by a German bounty hunter, and the two set out to rescue the slave's wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

In Parental Guidance, Artie and Diane agree to look after their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents need to leave town for work. However, problems arise when the kids' 21st-century behavior collides with Artie and Diane's old-school methods.

And in Goon, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, by beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way.

Django Unchained

It's off the chain

As per usual, Tarantino manages to spin a greatly entertaining story that's powered by magnificent writing, revels in bloody action, is backed up by a brilliant soundtrack and gives us outstanding performances from everybody. The standouts have to be Leonardo DiCaprio, who is glorious in his portrayal of the flamboyantly villainous Calvin Candie, Samuel L Jackson, as Stephen, Calvin's loyal self-hating house slave and Christoph Waltz, who once more proves why he deserves that 'Best Supporting Actor' nomination. While at one point the film does feel overlong, the next scene rebuffs this and justifies its running time. Another great hit from Tarantino.

Parental Guidance

Shouldn't have been left unsupervised

Billy Crystal and Bette Midler play the Generation Game with their grandkids in this film that fails on the comedy and is more by the numbers than a Spiderman colouring book. Despite handling some family moments well, it's a forgettable piece of fluff.


Not starring Josh Brolin or Sean Astin

It may be overly rowdy and lowbrow, but Seann William Scott delivers a beating heart for the film that's encased within the beatings of many hockey players, making this more than 'Stifler on Ice'. Liev Schreiber delivers a great turn as Ross Rhea, a character who could've been one-note but has a great moment with Doug and somehow, throughout the brutal violence, the film manages to be funny.


Ruth said…
Yes, I am so excited to see Django Unchained next weekend!! Great reviews!