Dirty Laundry (2012)

What's the difference between Justice and Punishment? The casting

Frank Castle, a.k.a. 'The Punisher', wakes up in a run-down neighborhood and leaves his van to do his laundry. On his way to the laundromat, he witnesses a gang led by Goldtooth assaulting a group of prostitutes.

Three feature length films have been released, and it takes a 10 minute fan film to best do The Punisher justice. Thomas Jane made the film because he wanted to make "a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans". Well it's safe to say that he accomplished this, with it being as well paced as a 10 minute film can be, tense and delivers brilliantly with the bloody violence we expect from this character. All in all, Thomas Jane and director Phil Joanou have created both the best on-screen adaptation of The Punisher and the best advert for Jack Daniels there is.

If you haven't seen the 10 minute fan-film yet, here it is for you to watch.