Blog: So, Ben Affleck is the new Batman....

Since it was announced at Comic-Con that Man of Steel 2 would in fact be known as Batman Vs Superman, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive in listing potential actors who will don the cowl for Zack Snyder's next film. There were talks of Bale being offered $50 million to return, Ryan Gosling being considered and even Michael Keaton to return.

But today, it was announced that Ben Affleck will be taking the role of The Dark Knight.

The first actor to portray both Batman AND Superman onscreen

While I really wanted to see Josh Brolin take the role, i'm glad with the casting decision. Sadly, that's more than I can say about the average internet user, with Twitter, Facebook and comments sections everywhere being filled with hatred at the idea of Affleck portraying The Caped Crusader.

Not the first actor to portray more than one Superhero character

Many of those who dislike this casting decision have put up a defense by reminding people of Affleck's other superhero role in 2003's Daredevil. While that film was far from perfect, here's the problem with using that as a defense: The film was released 10 years ago. Believe it or not, an actors performance can change over such a period of time. Just look at Matthew McConnaughey, who appeared in the mediocre Reign of Fire back in 2002 and How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days a year later, but 10 years later gave one of the years best performances in Killer Joe and continues to prove himself as a serious actor with roles in films such as Mud.

Plus, if we used bad performances and films as a reason to hate an actor, then there would be virtually nobody to like. Going by this would mean forgetting about Robert De Niro's magnificent role in Taxi Driver due to his lazy role in Little Fockers and people would be saying "Fuck Al Pacino" due to him starring in Jack and Jill, despite how amazing he was in The Godfather films and Scarface.

Just look at how Affleck has changed from where he was a decade ago. He was resigned to a consecutive number of bad films, but now, he's had critical acclaim for many of his roles, most notably in Hollywoodland, The Town and Argo, and even some award nominations, as well as award wins. 

Let's face it, there isn't any superhero casting news which isn't met with moaning, but let us not forget a similar casting decision which was met with such hatred and ended up becoming one of the best portrayals of a character, not just in superhero films, but in films of any genre.

Heath Ledger as The Joker

The star of 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight's Tale. Just about no one could believe that he could convincingly portray the psychopathic Clown Prince of Crime, and come 2008, we were all stunned by the performance which would later becoming posthumously awarded an Oscar. Now, I am not saying the award-winning actor could be awarded an Oscar, all I am saying is that you should give the casting choice a chance rather than do nothing but insult it, despite you having not seen Affleck portray the character on screen yet.

So yes, we may have the star of Gigli and Pearl Harbour becoming the new Batman, but could you believe that Mr Mom or Patrick Bateman would take up the same role?

Plus, at least it isn't Orlando Bloom, otherwise they'd have to rename the character Blandman.



Douglas said…
The fun part is I don't think Affleck was terrible in Daredevil. It's not his fault the material he had to work with wasn't fantastic. But he pulled off the classy Matt Murdock and the gritty Daredevil. And what is Daredevil if not Marvel's answer to Batman? Maybe my first response was also that of "really?" but given thought, I think this could work.

But the internet is full of people who love to criticize. Maybe they should just cast Idris Elba to be everyone.
James Rodrigues said…
I feel Affleck did his best with what little he was given, and the film is far from horrendous, but I find the directors cut (the better version of the film) to be little more than average.

That's true, lets not forget how quickly people criticized Star Wars getting bought by Disney.
Douglas said…
I really don't understand the criticism behind Star Wars being bought by Disney. Did everyone just forget about JarJar Binks? Disney had nothing to do with that. And can Disney really do any worse? Even if it were Mickey Mouse, it probably wouldn't have been that bad.

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