BLOG: Breaking Bad & Dexter's final seasons

Two long running shows will be ending in a few weeks, Breaking Bad & Dexter. However, it feels like while Breaking Bad will live up to expectations and end spectacularly, Dexter will end in a disappointing manner.

The two shows have a lot of similarities, both centering around an anti-hero who harbors a dark identity which he must keep from his family, including one member who works in law enforcement. But as the two make their way towards their endings, they feel vastly different.

Breaking Bad is focusing on the characters who have been in the show for the long run, revealing secrets that we've wanted them to know for a while and even making some more interesting (here's looking at you, Marie). Dexter, however, seems too focused on introducing new characters and devoting precious time to them and their inconsequential subplots rather than on the characters we've been watching for years. So rather than watching Batista follow up on LaGuerta's investigation into Dexter, we see Masuka investigating his adult daughter who's suddenly appeared.

The snipers were closing in.

There's a real sense of finality in Breaking Bad, the feeling that we're reaching the end of a long-running story that's come to the point we always knew it would reach. Dexter, however, feels like it's any other season, introducing a one-season villain who will be dispatched off by the season finale and focusing on that rather than .

Old memories...
Just as the viewers of Breaking Bad have been waiting on edge to see whether Walter White would get caught and pay for all the crimes he has committed, Dexter's viewers have been waiting on edge to see whether the murderous nature of the titular character would be found out and if he would pay for all the people he's killed. The idea seeing the reactions of Miami Metro's officers, as they discover the man they worked with for years was a serial killer, is an intriguing one, but it sadly looks like we'll miss that opportunity, as the show appears to be moving towards a safe ending.

"This is why you don't binge on new Arrested Development.
Now what are you going to watch?

Season 8 of Dexter isn't even that bad a season. The teasing idea of a family with which Dexter can share his serial killer self with is an intriguing prospect (despite already visiting it with Hannah last season), especially with the addition of Dr Vogel, and its better than Seasons 3 and 6, but as a final season, it feels like a wasted opportunity.
The second coming?
The sad thing is, this will most likely hurt the shows legacy in the long-run and turn people off from giving the show a try, like Lost and it's controversial ending.

"But what was with the Polar Bears?"