Blog: A thought from that Hannibal Season 2 Trailer

Last week, the trailer for Hannibal Season 2 was made available to view (as you can watch below)

To put it simply, the first season of Hannibal defied expectations, becoming one of the best first seasons of any recent show, and the wait for season 2 looks agonizing.

But there was one thing included in the trailer which left everyone shocked.

WARNING! Spoilers for the trailer, Hannibal Season 1 finale and the novels/films. The rest is just speculation.

Pretty much don't come any further if you want to know nothing more than what you already know.

Hannibal Lecter fighting with Jack Crawford!

This is definitely an unexpected moment. How can this be? Jack can't die, since he plays an integral part in the novels, and there's definitely no explaining away this moment. So here's a thought,

What if this is how Hannibal is discovered?

Originally, Will discovers Hannibal is the 'Chesapeake Ripper' and, while on the phone to the police, is stabbed in the abdomen by Hannibal, who managed to sneak up by taking off his shoes. Hannibal is then arrested by FBI agents.

While the writers could try and make that how Dr Lecter gets found out, it would defy logic to get to that point. First, Will would have to be found innocent, which is unlikely to happen. Hannibal would also have to allow Will into his house and enough time for Will to make the phone call, which won't happen since he know that Will figured out he's the Ripper. And how would they explain the above image away? It's highly doubtful it'll be a dream, especially since Bryan Fuller has already established it as a flashforward.

Also, look at the below image.


Who's that Alana is pointing her gun at? Judging by the blood stains are on the white shirt, the best guess would be Hannibal. Perhaps Jack calls her and she's the one who arrests him? Or perhaps she'll fall victim to our cannibalistic doctor, leaving a dead body to solidify Will's claims against him.

It may be a bit of a diversion from the source material, but the show's done this before, especially since Will was only meeting Hannibal for the second time when he realized the truth, not talking to him on a regular basis. Plus, Hannibal's method of sneaking up has already been utilized, as demonstrated in flashback on Miriam Lass. Perhaps Jack discovers the truth through information relating to her?

This won't change Will's despising of Freddy Lounds, since she can take pictures of and publish Jacks wounds instead, which he's shown to get in the trailer. This also answers how exactly Hannibal will be revealed, since Will is incarcerated and unlikely to get out, what better way to get him off the hook than the truth being revealed? Will can also quit due to these events, leading to his return for the Red Dragon season.

The last remaining question is where this will take place in the show. The obvious answer is at the end of the season, but Bryan Fuller has confirmed that Red Dragon would be adapted in Season Four, so what will take place in Season Three? Perhaps a shortened season, dealing with the fallout of Hannibal being revealed.

So that's my speculation, what are your thoughts?