Trailer Overload #3: Drive Harder

Welcome to the third installment of Trailer Overload. In this edition: Melissa McCarthy imitates Shia LeBeouf, Tom Hardy goes all Ryan Reynolds by staying in one place and Anarchy reigns on the streets of a fictional future city.


Upon hearing that Melissa McCarthy would be teaming up with her husband Ben Falcone to write a film, it gave me hope that she would have a chance to break out from the type-cast roles she seems to have played since Bridesmaids. Based on this first trailer, it seems unlikely that this film will do much of a job to distance McCarthy from playing the same character she has since 2009, complete with the eye-rolling fat jokes and wasting time on her dancing to 'Gangsta's Paradise'.

Tammy will be released on July 4th.

The Purge: Anarchy

Last year's hit The Purge had an interesting concept, albeit one filled with problems and plot holes, but the concept was put on the backburner and instead, the film focused on a generic home invasion plot. While it looks like this sequel will be complete bollocks, I will admit that i'm glad it's stepping out into the world and seeing what things are like outside during The Purge, as opposed to rehashing the same plot from its predecessor.

The Purge: Anarchy will be released on June 20th.


The trailer really emphasizes on the word 'teaser; as it doesn't reveal much about the actual plot, only giving hints. From what I can tell, it involves Tom Hardy spending the entirety of the running time in his car, on the way to fix something which has gone wrong. While the concept could be in danger of being stretched out, my fears are elevated by two things: Tom Hardy, who has proven himself many times over to be a phenomenal actor, and Steven Knight, who has proven himself to be a superb writer with Eastern Promises.

Locke will be released on April 25th.