March 2014 in Review

Another month gone by, another post about the films I watched. This time, I watched my second feature film of acclaimed directors with the surname Anderson, Wes and Paul Thomas. Both were fantastic viewings.  I also managed to see a film which I could easily consider to be one of the best I've ever seen. Not much can top seeing Nicole Kidman pissing on Zac Efrons face, or the sight of Saddam Hussein as Satans lover, but Cheap Thrills damn well succeeded. Enough blabbering, here's the films I saw in March.

Her - 5/5 - Spike Jonze paints a futuristic world and a strange concept within a realistic light. Powered by a wonderful script packed with honest conversations, and fantastic lead performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, making for one of last years best films.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - 4.5/5 - It may rely on swearing just a bit too much, but it's satirical elements make it  . Plus, points for the catchy as hell "Blame Canada".

City of God: Best film of the month

City of God - 5/5 - The wonderful characters that are brought to life by the marvellous actors, the brilliant direction, the gorgeous cinematography, the exciting action, the fantastic script. There are many more reasons to label this film as a masterpiece, these are just some of the few.

The Monuments Men - 2/5 - Here's a great example of a good idea executed poorly, turning one of the best ensemble casts into a footnote in something so dull and forgettable.

The Double: Best film seen in cinemas

Cheap Thrills - 4.5/5 - This film, my god. I don't think I'll be as enamoured with another directorial debut this year, but i'm willing to be proven wrong. What could've been just gross-out and little more than torture porn instead boasts a fantastic social relevance, with some fantastic performances to boot.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - 4/5 - Fantastic Mr Fox is the only other Wes Anderson film I have seen, and controversially, I did not care for it. So the fact I really enjoyed Wes' latest feature was a pleasant surprise, but how can you go wrong with Ralph Fiennes in the lead?

Misery: Best film rewatched

There Will Be Blood - 4.5/5 - At the moment, I do feel the length was rather laborious, but I could see myself appreciating this with each repeat viewing. Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano are fantastic in their roles, playing two sides of the same coin, with the latter masking it behind his pastoral profession.

Starred Up - 4/5 - A worthy entry into the prison film genre, with fantastic acting on display from Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend, and especially from Jack O'Connell, who is a young star in the making. The last act may have been a bit on the rushed side, but the ever-present tension makes things worthwhile.

The Monuments Men: Biggest Disappointment

The Paperboy (2012) - 1/5 - A sleazy flick that fails in its attempts to be an investigative thriller, resorting to scenes of shock value and unnecessary racism over anything resembling character development and a consistent story. Zac Efron and Matthew McConnaughey are the only good thing about the film, especially when compared to Nicole Kidmans overly camp performance and John Cusack's scenery chewing.

Misery - 5/5 -James Caan and Kathy Bates carry this film effortlessly with their fantastic performances, while Rob Reiner does fantastic in directing the tense situation, making for some scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Biggest surprise
A Long Way Down - 2.5/5 - The talented and capable cast are unfortunately not utilized to the best of their abilities, leaving us with a rushed script, a syrupy 96 minutes that don't equate to being anymore than forgettable.

The Double - 5/5 - For those doubting Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, watch him in this. He does a fantastic job in portraying two different characters who couldn't be anymore different from one another, portraying the sad sack Simon James and the cocky James Simon with chilling ease. Richard Ayoade directs with confidence, marvellously handling the black comedy and the thriller aspects.

The Paperboy: Worst film of the month

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 4.5/5 - An impressive entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking the role of a political thriller with ease. The Russo's deliver some fantastic direction thanks to a brilliant script and a wonderful cast.

Best film of the month: City of God
Best film seen in cinemas: The Double
Best film rewatched: Misery
Biggest Disappointment: The Monuments Men
Biggest Surprise: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Worst film of the month: The Paperboy

Number of films watched: 13