Obvious Child (2014)

Terminator 5 (the one with good spelling)

Director: Gillian Robespierre
Running Time: 84 Minutes
Starring: Jenny Slate, Max Lacy, Polly Draper, Richard Kind

You've heard the formula before, woman meets man, has one night stand and finds herself with a bun in the oven. But how many films have followed that up with the woman having an abortion?

Gillian Robespierre's feature length debut focuses on exactly that, as stand-up comedian Donna (Slate) finds herself expecting following a one-night stand. It deserves recognition how Robespierre manages to handle the proceedings with a refreshing honesty and frankness. This is especially in regards to the controversial topic of abortion, which is tackled in a manner that's full of maturity and wit.

Donna readies herself before going onstage

The dialogue on hand could have ended up feeling staged or quirky to the point of annoyance (here's looking at you, Juno), but a combination of the writing and the cast's performances manages to make it feels naturalistic and full of charm.

Jenny Slate has a delightful presence that makes her utterly wonderful to watch, giving a performance that proves she's deserving of a career outside of bit-parts in American sitcoms. Jake Lacy is charming as Max, and the two leads share great chemistry that brings out many heartwarming moments. Special mention must go to Polly Draper and Richard Kind, who are utterly wonderful as Donna's parents.

With Obvious Child, Gillian Robespierre ensures that her feature length directorial debut stands out from the romantic comedy genre through a handling that's full of maturity and honesty.