Wild Tales (2015)

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Wild thing, I think I love you

Director: Damián Szifrón
Running Time: 122 Minutes
Starring: Ricardo Darín, Érica Rivas, Julieta Zylberberg, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Óscar Martínez

Anthology tales have always been a popular way to tell multiple stories within the confines of a limited running time, but the format tends to synonymous with the Horror genre. The rise of films such as V/H/SThe ABC's of Death and their regularly released sequels show this won't be changing anytime soon, but Damián Szifrón's latest release puts across a good argument for the format's potential in modern black comedies.

Wild Tales focuses on 6 short stories, each varying in length and completely separated from one another. The only connective tissue between the tales lies in their focus, which is upon the catharsis that occurs from losing control and completely giving into your anger. This seems like a heavy topic to take on, but do not be fooled, for tonnes of blackly comedic material is mined out of the proceedings.

The tales utilize the topic within typical scenarios, such as the past returning in a big way, a tragedy that occurs from a made mistake, a discovered deception from a loved one, and even anger brought about from everyday occurrences. Sorry to be vague, but this really is a tale that's better to go into knowing as little as possible. It should be said that the opening tale alone is a masterful piece of hilarity, and while none of the following tales manage to top it, Szifrón ensures they certainly give it a try.

With 6 short tales, Damián Szifrón crafts a film that's masterful as both an anthology film and as a black comedy. Succeeding where The ABC's of Death failed, Wild Tales is equally shocking and hilarious.

Wild Tales is released in the USA on 20th February 2015, and in the UK on 27th March 2015.


Nostra said…
Have to agree it is a brilliant film. Saw it a couple of months ago and it will end up in my top 10 movies of 2014 (which will go up tonight)
James Rodrigues said…
I'm counting it as 2015, since it officially is released here then. But I am anticipating seeing it again, especially for that opening segment.