Time To Kill (2015)

Time of your life(s end)

Director: Justin Rettke
Running Time: 10 Minutes
Starring: Christopher T. Wood, Deacon Ledges, Oscar Lipp

A man enters their residence, unaware of the hitman that sits there, waiting under the cover of darkness. It's a familiar scene, witnessed in many different films, and Justin Rettke utilizes it as a jumping off point for his short film. The result is a look at what happens when things don't go to plan, and the intended target fails to materialise on time.

Christopher T. Wood takes the lead role as our unnamed hitman, doing stellar work in the process. He manages to pull off serious and professional where necessary, but can play it loose whenever possible, be it professing over the phone how he has friends, or how a resting yoga position is ineffective.

Wood's character passes the time through a multitude of ways, be it an awkward conversation with somebody he went on three dates with, or fixing a squeaky door. The tone is clearly aimed at comedic, and thankfully, it works.

The ending may hold few surprises, especially in regards to an appearing canine, but Time to Kill remains a likeable short that's well made, and worth a watch.

Justin Rettke's Time to Kill short is available to watch on YouTube. The link is attached here.