The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years (2016)

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Let It Be not A Hard Day's Night that leaves you crying for Help

Director: Ron Howard
Running Time: 97 Minutes
Starring: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Whoopi Goldberg, Elvis Costello, Eddie Izzard, Sigourney Weaver, Richard Lester

In between directing a sea-faring tale which inspired Moby Dick and the latest Dan Brown adaptation, Ron Howard managed to also deliver this gem of a documentary. Told with absolute care and adoration, he weaves together a tale of The Beatles, throughout the time they spent on tour.

Image result for the beatles eight days a week youtubeIt's abundantly clear this group from Liverpool left quite the impact. Archive footage showcases a rabid fanbase like no other, declaring their love for a Beatles' eyelashes, as well as fainting during concerts. But their legacy lies more in the peoples stories, wonderfully showcasing how much these moptops meant to everybody. Whoopi Goldberg especially delivers a lovely story, while a recorded Sigourney Weaver is a lovely find.

At the centre of it all, we're bearing witness to this group as what they actually were: four friends having a wonderful time, as the world adored them. By sticking to their touring years, Howard has a decent excuse to skip over a good portion of their later material. By the time it reaches their final concert, one can't help that we've been on a journey, witnessing these witty teenage friends grow into adulthood.

Told with love and care by Ron Howard, The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years is a wonderful doc about four friends, dealing with a world mad for them. Plus, it boasts a magnificent soundtrack.

If you can see this in cinemas, stick around for the digitally restored 1966 broadcast of The Beatles at Shea Stadium.