Most Anticipated of 2019

We've reached that sweet point, where the glorious features of the past year are behind us, and there's plenty of films to get excited over. So, with 11 months of potential gems awaiting us, let's have a gander at which films I'm most excited for.

The Addams Family

Release Date: October 18th

Just in time for Halloween, The Addams Family return to the big screen after over 25 years, with a terrific cast assembled from the directors of Sausage Party. Here's hoping this CG adventure can bring the wonderfully macabre family dynamic which Barry Sonnenfeld brought to life.

Avengers Endgame poster.jpgAvengers: Endgame

Release Date: April 26th

Being an absolutely self-confessed Marvel fanboy, of course I was going to be anticipating this feature, but then I watched Avengers: Infinity War, and said anticipation then multiplied. As someone who's been invested in these characters for what feels like a lifetime, and passed on that love to those close to me, to see what's essentially a season finale to this world began 11 years ago is daunting, and exciting.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Release Date: October 18th

Mister Rogers is not a figure widely known to the UK, but his reputation as a kind and neighbourly figure certainly is. To hear he's being portrayed by a real life kindly figure such as the one and only Tom Hanks, in a feature directed by Marielle Heller (2015's tremendous The Diary of a Teenage Girl), is enough to get me excited to view this feature.


Release Date: May 24th

Produced by James Gunn, this feature follows a couple who adopt a child that fell from the stars, raising him to use his powers for good, but find the darkness in him growing beyond their control. The idea of taking a story linked with a heroic icon like Superman, and taking it down a more horrific and darker route, is too intriguing to pass up.

Captain Marvel poster.jpgCaptain Marvel

Release Date: March 8th

Just in time to help the battle against Thanos, Carol Danvers makes the leap to the big screen, portrayed by the talented Brie Larson. This 90's set galaxy spanning feature is helmed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, a pair of terrific directors who deliver tremendously when it comes to character, and I look forward to seeing them give such a prominent figure her much awaited feature debut.

Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon Poster
Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie

Release Date: October 18th

A feature from Aardman Animations is always cause for celebration, but a sequel to their underrated love letter to silent cinema, Shaun The Sheep Movie, is highly anticipated. This instalment appears to riff on E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, as the lovable farm animals try to send a cute alien home before a sinister organization can capture her.

Fast Color.jpeg
Fast Colour

Release Date: March 29th

As the superhero genre grows considerably, the prospect of more original tales in the genre is exciting to imagine. This starring vehicle for the talented Gugu Mbatha-Raw, where her superpowers have caused her to go on the run and become distant from her family, looks to be an intriguing and different take on something so well known.

Hobbs & Shaw

Release Date: August 2nd

Taking time away from all the talk of family and Vin Diesel, a spin-off film is being released centred around the two best aspects of the franchise, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, with Vanessa Kirby and Idris Elba being thrown into the mix. Taking the reins is director David Leitch, whose directing credits so far of John WickAtomic Blonde & Deadpool 2 leave me feeling more hopeful for this feature than any of the past films have done.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 poster.png

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Release Date: February 22nd

Having witnessed Hiccup and Toothless grow before my eyes, it feels heartbreaking to know I'll be seeing their story come to a close pretty soon, as Dean DeBlois ends the trilogy he began nearly a decade ago.

In Fabric

Release Date: N/A

A love letter to the high street, that's also a horror film about a killer dress? How can I not get excited for this latest feature from Peter Strickland?

Isn't It Romantic poster.jpg

Isn't It Romantic

Release Date: February 14th

I can't confess to being a Rebel Wilson fan, but this concept sounds utterly wonderful. A witty send-up of the rom-com, complete with knowing references to the traditional cliches and the PG-13 rating, all which came together in an irresistible looking trailer. Sign me up. 

ItChapterTwoTeaser.jpgIt: Chapter Two

Release Date: September 6th

The doorstop of a Stephen King novel received a wonderful adaptation of the first part, told from the perspective of the child characters. The remainder of the tale will come to screens just two years later, as we revisit our protagonists after a 27 year gap, to fulfil their promise and stop Pennywise once and for all. The adult sections were notably weaker in the source material, but I trust in Andy Muschietti to deliver a tale just as emotionally powerful and chilling as its predecessor.

John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum.pngJohn Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Release Date: May 17th

What began as a career revival for Keanu Reeves has quickly become one of the most iconic characters in his filmography, and seeing him return for a third instalment is more than exciting. After the events of the last film, a $14 million contract on him sees Wick on the run, with a whole host of assassins out for him. With new additions including Anjelica Huston, The Raid's own Yayan Ruhian, Jason Mantzoukas as a character named Tick Tock Man, and a fight on horseback, we should be in for a fantastic third chapter.

Jojo Rabbit

Release Date: N/A

After making one of the best MCU films in Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi has chosen to change gears, and make his next feature about a young boy living in World War II, whose form of escapism involves his imaginary friend, an inaccurate version of Adolf Hitler. No matter how big his budget, how large his premise, or how starry his cast (and this one is very starry!), Waititi has shown character is his most valued aspect in his films, and I wouldn't expect any less from him this time around.

The Kitchen

Release Date: September 20th

Based off an acclaimed comic book miniseries, Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elizabeth Moss take the lead roles in this comedy drama following three wives of Irish mobsters who take over organised crime, after the FBI arrests their husbands.

Knives Out

Release Date: November 27th

Despite the controversy surrounding his trip to a galaxy far, far away, Rian Johnson has proven himself to a bold filmmaker unwilling to play things safe. His follow-up is a modern take on a whodunnit murder mystery, with an astounding cast assembled including Daniel Craig, Lakeith Stanfield, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, and Christopher Plummer.

The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part theatrical poster.jpg

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Release Date: February 8th

Five years since its release, The LEGO Movie remains a sharp, touching, and hilarious piece of cinema that resonates with viewers of all ages. While Phil Lord and Chris Miller may not be directing, they're still attached as Producers and Screenwriters, which gives hope this will be a sequel that lives up to its predecessor.

The Lighthouse

Release Date: N/A

Not much is known about this feature outside of the title, the cast containing Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, and being shot in black and white. Yet, the most important thing to know is it's the second feature by Robert Eggers, whose directorial debut was the unsettling horror masterpiece which contained dear Black Phillip, known as The VVitch. So whatever this film turns out to be, consider it highly anticipated.

Lords of Chaos

Release Date: February 8th (US), March 29th (UK)

A biopic depicting the crimes surrounding the black metal band Mayhem, involving church burnings, and a number of violent circumstances. The story sounds intriguing enough to hold a feature film, but what's enticing are the reports of the uneasy tone akin to a horror film, with some grisly effects work that's resulted in viewers fainting. Picked up by Arrow Films in the UK (a good sign, due to their great work), this has quietly become a highly anticipated feature for me.


Release Date: August 9th

Ari Aster has only one directed one feature film to date, and that was 2018's masterful addition to the horror genre, Hereditary. His sophomore feature centres on a couple visiting their friends hometown in Sweden for its mid-summer festival, only to find their idyllic retreat descends into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult. With Jack Reynor, Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, and William Jackson Harper in the cast, this piece of folk horror is sure to be terrifically acted, and hopefully as horrific and nightmarish as its predecessor.

Missing Link

Release Date: April 12th

It feels too long since Laika released a feature film, and when the studio has given us modern classics such as Coraline and Kubo and The Two Strings, that's a darn shame. Their fifth feature film sees Hugh Jackman's investigator attempting to prove the existence of a legendary creature, voiced by Zach Galifianakis.

The Nightingale

Release Date: N/A

After making a terrific debut with The Babadook, Jennifer Kent makes her follow up with a revenge thriller set in 1825. A young convict woman seeks revenge for the murder of her family, taking an Aboriginal male outcast with her through the interior, getting much more than she bargained for. If Kent's sophomore film is any bit as intense as her debut, we're in for a treat.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Release Date: July 26th

It's subjective as to which upcoming film has the best cast, but the latest from Quentin Tarantino seems to have the most cast, with a total of 57 cast members listed (none of them are extras). The sprawling cast are centred around 1969 Los Angeles, where a TV actor and his stunt double (Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt) attempt to make a name for themselves in the film industry. The Sharon Tate murders are also a part of the narrative, in a film that appears to be closer in narrative structure to Pulp Fiction.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu
Pokémon Detective Pikachu teaser poster.jpg
Release Date: May 10th

As a massive fan of Pokémon, the prospect of seeing characters like Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Charizard that I've known since childhood get their own live action feature endlessly excites me. Drawing inspiration from a spin-off game of the same name, this buddy cop mystery looks to be a wonderful time, with the talents of Danny DeVito Ryan Reynolds bringing alive the eponymous icon.

Shazam! poster.jpgShazam!

Release Date: April 5th

It seems the DC Extended Universe has far greater success in giving feature films to DC superheroes that haven't yet gotten one, so things seem hopeful for Shazam already. Taking the direction of a superheroic Big, the story is about 14 year old Billy Batson gaining the ability to transform into an adult superhero with godlike powers, and all he has to do is utter the word "Shazam!". Having done a phenomenal job on Chuck, Zachary Levi is the perfect choice to portray a child in an adults body, and the film looks to be a success.

Spider-Man Far From Home poster.jpegSpider-Man: Far From Home

Release Date: July 5th

The latest feature centring around the webslinger, Tom Holland returns to play Peter Parker as he embarks on a trip to Europe with friends. While abroad, Nick Fury recruits him to battle beings called the Elementals, teaming up with Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio. Taking a more low-key approach after Avengers: Infinity War, this looks to be a great continuation of the wallcrawler's MCU adventures, and seeing the fishbowl wearing antagonist finally be realised on the big screen, in a seemingly different manner, fills me with glee.

Episode IX announcement logo.pngStar Wars: Episode IX

Release Date: December 20th

J.J. Abrams returns to round off the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and bring to a close the Skywalker saga. With all that's known being the one year gap since The Last Jedi, and the cast includes Matt Smith, Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, and the return of Billy Dee Williams, the possibilities of where the story can go are exciting. Plus, this will require watching just for the final appearance of Carrie Fisher on-screen.


Release Date: July 12th

An action comedy from the director of 2012's charming Goon, the film sees Kumail Nanjiani playing a mild-mannered Uber driver who finds himself thrust into an ordeal after picking up a grizzled detective, played by Dave Bautista, on the trail of a sadistic terrorist. With The Raid's Iko Uwais and GLOW's Betty Gilpin rounding off the cast, this sounds too intriguing to pass up.

The poster features the title TOY STORY 4 on a grassy hill with a cowboy toy (Woody) standing beside it. The scene is set against a cloudy sunset with a carnival in the background.Toy Story 4

Release Date: June 21st

It was just 9 years ago we bid farewell to the toys many of us grew up with, and Pixar delivered the perfect ending to make one of the best trilogies of all time. I'm very cautious about the idea of furthering the series on with another film, but if anyone can do a good job, I'm hopeful it's the studio that knocked it out of the park the previous 3 times already. Plus, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele and Keanu Reeves are in the cast? It's too tantalising a prospect.

Uncut Gems

Release Date: N/A

Just in 2017, Josh and Benny Safdie brought to screen one of the years best films with Good Time, responsible for a masterful turn by Robert Pattinson. Their follow-up is a crime drama starring Adam Sandler, which gives hope it will be a performance to rank alongside Punch Drunk Love, and less like his poor comedy features Netflix have released.

Untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film

Release Date: June 28th

We may not be seeing his take on James Bond anymore, but we will be getting the incredibly versatile Danny Boyle dipping his toes into the musical genre, as the lead realises he's the only person in the world who can remember The Beatles. An interesting premise brought alive by an interesting cast, including Himesh Patel (Tamwar Masood from Eastenders, for all you British soap fans).

Us (2019 movie poster).jpgUs

Release Date: March 22nd

It's just been 2 years since he made his directorial debut, but Jordan Peele managed to already cement himself as one of the most exciting voices in cinema. His follow-up to the Oscar winning Get Out appears to be a riff on the home invasion subgenre, as a family (led by Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke) find their holiday at the beach house interrupted by the appearance of strangers, resembling the family themselves. It'll be interesting to see what social commentary lurks within this film, but for now, that poster is all I need.

Velvet Buzzsaw poster.jpg

Velvet Buzzsaw

Release Date: February 1st

The third feature by Dan Gilroy, the Nightcrawler director turns his hand to the art world through the horror genre. It features the discovery of a series of paintings by an unknown artist, painted in human blood, with a supernatural force ready to wreak havoc on those who've put their greed above art. With that premise, consider me hooked.

Where'd You Go Bernadette (film poster).pngWhere'd You Go, Bernadette

Release Date: August 9th

Cate Blanchett plays Bernadette, a mother who hates people and leaving the house. When she disappears, her daughter makes it a mission to discover what's really happened to her. The premise may sound like a Gone Girl style thriller, but being played as a comedy-drama by Richard Linklater has my full attention.


Release Date: March 29th

After making one hell of a debut with 2016's Under The Shadow, Babak Anvari's sophomore feature sets to be a piece of psychological horror following the unravelling of a bartenders life, where disturbing and inexplicable events occur after he picks up a phone left at his bar. Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, and Zazie Beetz make up the talented cast.

What films are you looking forward to? Has this list made you aware of any great sounding films? Sound off below.