Don't Turn Around (2019)

Director: Christopher T. Wood
Running Time: 4 Minutes
Starring: Paul Haitkin, Cheryl Bricker

Simon (Paul Haitkin) finds himself jaded with horror films, no longer scared by them. It's a scenario a number of people can sympathise with, but Simon goes one step further, as he decides to do something about it. That part isn't so relatable, but it makes for great viewing in this directorial debut by actor, Christopher T. Wood.

Being front and centre of this short, Paul Haitkin does a great job in selling what we need to know about his character. He's entirely believable as a horror lover who just wants to recapture the feeling of terror he once get, and tries to get back. Through the joint efforts of Haitkin and Wood, the scenario is set up very well, lending the way to the tension being ably built up.

If I had any issues, it'd be down to how specific things are framed. Granted, they need to be done to set up important things, but the amount done with specific items feels more than necessary. Yet the end result speaks for itself, as it results in something which looks completely painful, which many can sympathise with. The ending will stay with you, and just might persuade you to follow the directions of the films title.

Christopher T. Wood's Don't Turn Around is available to watch on YouTube. The link is attached here.