Road to Watchmen: Double Edged Double Bill, Episode 106

I am a huge fan of comic-books, and especially of their feature film adaptations, so the chance to discuss such films in humorous detail was very appealing to me. I was lucky enough to return to Double Edged Double Bill, a wonderful podcast hosted by Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani, to discuss Sam Mendes' underrated feature, Road To Perdition, and Zack Snyder's divisive take on a seminal tale, Watchmen

A rainy New York City. Six people, five men and one woman, stand there, all but one: a masked man in hat and trench coat, staring at the viewer, a muscular, nude and glowing blue man, a blonde man in a spandex armor, a man in an armor with a cape and wearing a helmet resembling an owl, a woman in a yellow and black latex suit, and a mustached man in a leather vest who smokes a cigar and holds a shotgun. Text at the top of the image includes "From the visionary director of 300". Text at the bottom of the poster reveals the title, production credits, and release date.Road to Perdition Film Poster.jpg

This was a special episode, celebrating the two year anniversary of this wonderful podcast, and serving as the announcement for their Patreon. It also had me talking a lot about penises (thanks, Dr Manhattan), and helping to select the films for next week's Family Films theme. It was a fun discussion, and I encourage you all to listen to it.

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