Aquaslash (2020)

Aquaslash (2019) poster.jpgDirector: Renaud Gauthier
Running Time: 71 Minutes
Certification: 15
Starring: Nicolas Fontaine, Brittany Drisdelle, Nick Walker, Madelline Harvey, Paul Zinno, Chip Chuipka, Howard Rosenstein, Ryal Ali, Cameron Geller, Lanisa Dawn

Celebrating their high-school graduation, a group of teenagers venture to Wet Valley Water Park for some fun. However, a black-gloved murderer has inserted giant razor blades into the water slides, turning the proceedings into a literal bloodbath.

When the news first broke about this film, and the stills were shared all over Twitter, my interest was piqued. Turning a water slide into a murderous utensil? It was a unique idea, promising to continue on a great horror tradition. Just as Final Destination 2 did with a logging truck, this hoped to instil fears into people over something mundane. I was on-board for this basic premise, hoping to enjoy how it would turn out.

Instead, I found my will beaten down for the first 50 minutes, as I was trapped with the most awful characters I've seen in a long while. Whether they're swapping sexual partners, getting into physical altercations, or just resenting each other, it's draining to be in their company. There aren't any redeeming factors, and being trapped with their hollow drama feels torturous.

Perhaps that's the idea, though. So when the blades are out, and body parts start flying, we can relish in the grisly sight of it all. But to linger on the drama for so long, it doesn't feel worthwhile. This well-realised set-piece could've been just one kill in an established franchise, surrounded by many other impressive ideas. Instead, it feels like too long of a set-up within such horrendous company, and was unfortunately not worth it.