6 Films To See At Salem Horror Fest

The 5th Edition of Salem Horror Fest is almost here, running all through October with films screening in-person and virtually. Born as a response to the 2016 election, the festival offers a welcoming space to safely watch horror films away from politically weaponised hate and fear. As a preview, here are 6 of my choices for films worth catching at this year's festival.

1. Alone With You (Northeast Premiere)

While waiting for her girlfriend to return home for their anniversary, Charlie Crane (Emily Bennett) discovers she’s trapped inside her apartment and begins a frantic fight for survival as nightmarish visions descend and a voice in the wall guides her towards a way out. The past year has seen filmmakers respond to lockdown by utilising the limitations in creative ways, and that seems to be what Bennett has achieved as co-director, co-screenwriter, and star of this psychological thriller.

2. Death Cast (World Premiere)

Six fame-hungry actors are documented as they unknowingly trade their lives to star and die in an experimental horror film. Director Bobby Marinelli offers an interesting premise which sounds worth a watch.

3. Night of the Living Dead

The festival are committed to social causes, and have teamed up with the Satanic Temple for a six-day marathon of George A. Romero's zombie classic. 100% of all donations will benefit Texas Abortion Funds, and ensure Texans can get abortion care in the wake of the regressive law of SB8. More information can be found here, and if you can't attend, I strongly recommend making a donation.

4. The Quiet Revolution: State, Society, and The Canadian Horror Film (Northeast Premiere)

This feature-length documentary offers an in-depth look at the history of Canadian horror in the 1970s, how it birthed the careers of many creatives who further inspired today's filmmakers. I caught this documentary at last year's SoHome Horror Fest III, and would recommend checking it out.

5. Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie

A documentary which captures the making of Spring Break Zombie Massacre, a feature made by best-friends with Down Syndrome, Sam and Mattie. To help them make this wild zombie movie, they rally the entire town of Providence RI to help them storyboard, script, produce, cast, and star in their own dream movie.

6. What Happens Next Will Scare You (East Coast Premiere)

Working late on their Halloween feed, a motley crew of internet journalists share their top thirteen scariest viral videos. After an early entry curses them, the journalists must distinguish fact from fiction before a tidal wave of terrifying supernatural activity leads to real-life murders. A compelling premise which promises internet age chills.

Salem Horror Fest runs from October 1st to October 31st. Tickets are available now. If you want to support the festival, donations can be made here.