Even Mice Belong In Heaven (2021)

Director: Jan Bubenicek, Denisa Grimmová

Running Time: 88 Minutes

Certification: U

Starring: Simona Berman, Graham Halstead, Ryan Andes, Marc Thompson, Major Attaway, Mary O'Brady, HD Quinn, Tom Wayland

A stop-motion animation centred around warring animals, what directors Jan Bubenicek and Denisa Grimmová have crafted seems a simple enough tale. The opening follows Whizzy (Simona Berman), a mouse trying to prove her courage by taking a hair from a fox named Whitebelly (Graham Halstead). The dangerous endeavour results in a Tom & Jerry style chase only for an unfortunate accent to send both parties to animal heaven.

Staying in each others company, the pair try overcoming past grievances to persevere onwards and explore heaven, including charming interactions with other animals. Their journey allows the pair to shed natural instincts and see each other for their true selves. Whizzy wishes to live up to her brave father, who sacrificed himself for her at a young age, while the stuttering Whitebelly hopes to overcome his traumatic upbringing resulting from a cruel fox.

It's wonderful seeing this bond grow, as the lovely friendship strengthens as these once-enemies spend more time together. Their characters evolve in this charming realisation of heaven, a place which isn't what the arrivals desire but what they need. Despite a lean runtime, this resembles an excellent short film which has been needlessly padded out, although that doesn't take away from the likeable and affecting final product.

Even Mice Belong In Heaven is available in cinemas now