Frightfest Glasgow: Some Like It Rare (2022)

Director: Fabrice Eboué

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Certification: 15

Starring: Marina Foïs, Fabrice Eboué, Jean-François Cayrey, Lisa Do Couto Texeira, Virginie Hocq, Victor Meutelet, Stéphane Soo Mongo, Nicolas Lumbreras

In a small butcher shop, Vincent (Fabrice Eboué) takes pride in how lovingly he handles the meat for his customers. His wife Sophie (Marina Foïs) has grown unsatisfied with their relationship, although matters worsen when vegan activists attack their business. On the brink of bankruptcy and separation, the couples issues grow when Vincent accidentally runs over one of the vegan activists. He tries getting rid of the body by slicing it into ham, although a mix-up sees the meat accidentally sold to customers and become a popular purchase. Before you can say "meat is murder", the couple source more vegan meat to save their shop.

Working off a screenplay he co-wrote with Vincent Solignac, director and star Fabrice Eboué utilises exaggerated depictions of vegans for an over-the-top tale told in hilarious ways. It's having a ball with the premise, particularly with an unfolding montage of the couple on the hunt. The darkly-comedic tone is utilised well throughout, even during the couples marital differences which takes humorous turns. When the booming business rekindles the relationship, severed body parts are involved in a sweet bonding moment.

The pair use their passions to get away with their crimes, as Vincent's precise cutting hides the bodies in plain sight while Sophie's true-crime obsession is used as a reference point. They soon face temptations, particularly when their daughter starts dating an irritating man, yet realise things have gone too far once the past returns to bite them. As plot lines resolve in an all-too sudden ending, condensing many of the important factors, it feels like an unfortunate aftertaste for this fine feast which has been served.

Some Like It Rare played at Frightfest Glasgow, and is available on Digital Platforms now.