Incredible But True (2022)

Director: Quentin Dupieux

Running Time: 74 Minutes

Starring: Alain Chabat, Léa Drucker, Benoît Magimel, Anaïs Demoustier

Opening on a couple lost for words, Alain (Alain Chabat) and Marie (Léa Drucker) are unsure how to approach what's troubling them. Their cause for concern began with a suburban house-viewing, as the real-estate agent shares that the basement contains something which may forever change their lives. What's the mysterious thing? That's for audiences to find out.

Writer/director Quentin Dupieux builds upon anticipation for answers, toying with the audience by holding cards close to the chest. As characters verge upon sharing revelations, dancing around truths, one can feel Dupieux's glee at keeping the audience in suspense. While this may test some viewer's patience, the answers are equally wacky and worthwhile.

For all the awe found in the revelation, something rotten lies at the centre of it as Marie becomes obsessed, leaving a gulf between the couple spending less time together. The hectic nature of Alain's life leaves him uninterested in the revelation, as he's tied-up with appeasing his friendly boss that's desperate to impress, and dealing with an overbearing client. Committed performances from the cast ensure that, no matter how outlandish their situations, the characters are grounded in emotional truths.

While the comedy elements can fall short, what Dupieux has crafted is a tale about grappling with the passage of time. Whether it's through extravagant purchases or trying to recapture the past, such desperate attempts are made without a thought for how they impact others. What the film previously emphasised is solidified during a montage, as time catches up to these unravelling characters, and all they're left with are the consequences of their nostalgic longing.

Incredible But True premiered at Fantasia Festival 2022