6 Films To See At Soho Horror Fest 2023

Returning for another, the fantastic Soho Horror Festival offers both an in-person and a virtual festival for people to enjoy. As a preview, here are 6 of my choices for films that are worth seeing from Soho Horror.

1. Booger (International Premiere)

Grappling with the passing of her best friend, Izzy, Anna has retreated from life and work to mourn. After being bit by Izzy's cat, Booger, Anna finds herself undergoing a strange transformation which involves a hunger for canned fish, swallowing her hair, and out of control predatory instincts. Director Mary Dauterman crafts a feline shaped intersection of The Fly and The Babadook, rounded off by a moving use of The Piña Colada Song.

2. The Coffee Table (London Premiere)

Tensions are rising between new parents María and Jesús, and the source of their latest argument involves buying a new coffee table. With a design that includes a pane of supposedly unbreakable glass held aloft by two gold, naked ladies, the sleazy salesman proclaims that this purchase will change their lives. For reasons which do not deserve spoiling, this turns out to be absolutely true. What remains is a film which will not leave your mind, although viewer discretion is absolutely advised.

3. Saint Drogo (International Premiere)

In an effort to rekindle their relationship, a disconnected couple take an impromptu trek to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Nightmares plague Caleb, one half of the couple, as he becomes worried about an ex who was working in the town but has gone missing. The more Caleb becomes determined in his search, the closer he becomes to an unspeakable horror lurking in the town. After delivering the entertaining Death Drop Gorgeous, the next feature from that team is highly anticipated.

4. Santastein (UK Premiere)

With a title like that, how could I leave it out? The story sees Max trying to atone for accidentally killing Santa by resurrecting him, although it soon becomes apparent that the bloodthirsty being has more murderous intentions than delivering presents. Promising over-the-top kills, this looks to be a fun way of closing the virtual festival.

5. T Blockers (Special Preview)

As ancient parasites rise to take control of a small town's most fearful and susceptible hosts, a young filmmaker finds herself as the only person who can sense the possessed and rallies together a resistance to stop the horror from spreading. The latest from director Alice Maio Mackay is an unapologetically queer cry of fury, passionately taking a baseball bat to an unjust world which emboldens hatred before wisely sharing to not fuck with queer filmmakers.

6. The Weird Kidz (Special Preview)

Pre-teens Dug, Mel, and Fatt are taken on a weekend campout by Dug's older brother, Wyatt, and Wyatt's girlfriend, Mary. Their night out in the desert soon becomes a survivalist horror adventure, when it becomes clear that something is crawling around in the dark. This distinctively animated tale captures a heartfelt coming-of-age tale crossed with an old-school '80s adventure.

The Soho Horror Film Festival will run from 24th-26th November at the Whirled Cinema in Brixton, London. The online Sohome Horror Film Festival will run from 30th November to the 3rd December. Full details on all the films on show and tickets can be found at www.sohohorrorfest.com