Cold Meat (2024)

Director: Sébastien Drouin

Running Time: 88 Minutes

Certification: 15

Starring: Allen Leech, Nina Bergman, Yan Tual, James Barton-Steel

Across sights of a snow-covered landscape, a unseen person shares their belief about how some people are only capable of the worst actions. A legend is then shared about wandering souls in constant pursuit of human flesh, ready to feast upon it despite never being satisfied. This idea about humanity being decimated on a whim is the building block for Sébastien Drouin's feature debut, Cold Meat.

As he passes through the Colarado Rockies, David Petersen (Allen Leech) finds that a storm is making his journey unnecessarily difficult. While stopping at a diner to take a break, he steps in to help waitress Ana (Nina Bergman) when she is threatened by her violent ex-husband, Vince (Yan Tual). After David gets back on the road, he is following by a truck-driving Vince through a blizzard. An ensuing chase results in David's car stuck within the eye of the storm, yet the cold is the least of his worries when a beast starts prowling outside.

Co-writer/director Drouin delivers a taut thriller within the confines of this car, as an effective tale unfolds that questions where one can go when danger surrounds them from every angle. The horrific result of the cold is magnificently captured in the make-up effects, while the more physical dangers involve a glimpse into the dark heart of humanity. A particularly effective moment involves an unsettling trip down memory lane, in a sequence that is as terrifically acted as the rest of the feature.

A twisty tale unfolds across the swiftly moving runtime, refusing to rest for long as each turn changes the meaning of what is happening on-screen. While a good amount of these effectively recontextualizes what viewers are seeing, there are some instances where what is included feels like an unnecessary twist. Despite such moments, Cold Meat is an effective thriller where the surroundings are as cold as the antagonistic heart.

Cold Meat is available on Digital Platforms now